We Need God’s Supernatural Power

The next thing we have to do is realize our need of God’s supernatural power. And I want to say supernatural. Christianity is a religion of the supernatural. I once read through the book of Acts, examining it to see what would happen if I removed all reference to the manifestly supernatural. That’s not just inward supernatural experiences… Read More »

Tricky Riddles That Can Hang Your Brain

Tricky Riddles That Can Hang Your Brain. You will definitely get in trouble for one time if your IQ level is slightly lower. If you solve the answer readers, then you get to know your IQ level and brain sharpness. Do you like it when the growth stops? When the revenues go down? When your profits go down?… Read More »

What I Do When I Feel Like Giving Up

Today I am struggling and broken inside. If you too have struggled with some work in your life, then you can understand my feelings. If you too have gone through this situation of mine, then you can improve and understand what happens to that person when he is in conflict and does not succeed in any task. The… Read More »